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Warranty Clause

All ENDURA products that are damaged due to defects in production and processing technology and materials during normal use can be replaced and maintained free of charge through ENDURA dealer/distributor which you purchased from.

Non-free Repair Or Replacement Scope

1. Products that are not of Endura brand.

2. Exceeding the normal wear and tear of the tool products.

3. Products beyond the expiry date specified on the package or in the catalogue.

4.Product damage or unserviceability caused by abnormal use: man-made damage, failure to use tools according to precautions, beyond the use scope of the product, etc.

5. In case of rusts, electroplated surface peels off, scratched surface, damaged plastic handle, etc after the products are being used.

6. The user processes the product by machine, or replaces the accessories without authorization, or the product are not complete.

Clause On Exchanging And Returning Goods

In order to meet the customers’ needs, reduce the waiting time of after-sales service, and improve service efficiency, three steps are now implemented for replacement:

1. The dealer shall exchange goods for the end customer as soon as possible.

2. The distributor shall exchange goods for the dealer as soon as possible.

3. Endura shall exchange goods once a month in principal after receiving the replacement application from the distributor.

How To Repair Or Replace Goods

In case of a quality problem, you can get services from authorized distributors or dealers of Endura all over the country; In case of product damage that is not caused by the product quality, you can also get service from authorized distributors or dealers of Endura,The corresponding maintenance fee are implemented in accordance with the relevant standards established by Endura.

After-sales Service

1. Distributors shall agree to return or exchange goods for customers according to "After-sales Service Manual" , the customer's feedback and the actual condition of the product.

2. Relevant after-sales feedback forms will be issued at the end of each month to learn customers’ after-sales requirements and implementation status of that month, and to do technical analysis on problems. A satisfaction questionnaire is issued every half year to understand the customer’s satisfaction and suggestions for each department of our company in a timely manner, and to do technical analysis on the problem.

3. Regularly investigate customers' opinions on after-sales service of an area at least once per year, and understand their opinions on after-sales service.

4. Regularly provide analysis suggestions for distributors' inventory.

5. As to any after-sales consultation,we promise to reply within 24 hours.


If you find any company or individual producing or selling counterfeit Endura tools, please call 400-100-3208

* The final interpretation right of this clause belongs to Shanghai liyide Tools Co., Ltd.